Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Anime Cards

Magic's Wilds of Eldraine set will include a subset of enchantment cards with anime-style artwork.

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Magic: The Gathering is bringing anime-style artwork to cards in its next expansion set, Wilds of Eldraine. Set for release in September, WIlds of Eldraine returns to the plane of Eldraine, the world in Magic's Multiverse inspired by fairytales and Arthurian legend introduced in the 2019 Throne of Eldraine expansion. The new set will come with a bonus sheet of Magic cards with the theme "Enchanting Tales," reprinting some of the best-loved enchantment cards in Magic: The Gathering's history, including Necropotence and Greater Auramancy. There are 63 Enchanting Tales cards to collect, and 20 of them come with borderless Booster Fun treatments featuring anime-style artwork from Japanese artists.

Magic: The Gathering has unveiled six of those borderless anime cards: Doubling Season (art by Kemonomichi), Greater Auramancy (art by Mai Okuma), Smothering Tithe (art by Daisuke Tasuma), Rhystic Study (art by Fuzichoco), Necropotence (art by Kuregure), and Aggravated Assault (art by Zizero). You can see all six cards below.

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Where to find Magic: The Gathering's anime cards

Magic: The Gathering will reveal the 14 remaining Enchanting Tales anime cards during the Wilds of Eldraine preview season, which begins on August 15th. The anime cards will take up the same slot in boosters as other Enchanting Tales cards, and Japanese Wilds of Eldraine boosters will come with Japanese-language versions of the cards. All other boosters have English text on the cards.

Wilds of Eldraine Collector Boosters will offer confetti foil versions of the borderless anime Enchanted Tales cards. As the name suggests, the confetti foil cards have a confetti-like foil treatment like the one seen on the borderless anime Rhystic Study seen below.

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

What is Wilds of Eldraine?

Wilds of Eldraine is a set designed from the top down that returns to the plane of fairy tales, knights, and witches. Wizards of the Coast promises that WIlds of Eldraine will go beyond the faeries, giants, and other creatures seen in the original Eldraine set, Throne of Eldraine. Storywise, Wilds of Eldraine is also the first new Magic: The Gathering set since the Phyrexian Invasion of the MultiverseMagic's heroic planeswalkers foiled Elesh Norn's plans, yet the effects of her efforts still resonate on planes throughout the Multiverse. That includes Eldraine and those consequences will be seen in changes to returning characters and the new corners of Eldraine discover in this second trip.

Wilds of Eldraine preview season kicks off on August 15th. Wilds of Eldraine prerelease events occur from September 1st through September 7th. The Wilds of Eldraine set launches on September 8th. Wilds of Eldraine is available to preorder now via Amazon and local game stores.