WWE Raw: Becky Lynch Gets Her Rematch With Trish Stratus, Which Zoey Stark Immediately Ruins

Zoey Stark once again ruined Becky Lynch's attempt at getting revenge on Trish Stratus.

Becky Lynch called out Trish Stratus on this week's Monday Night Raw, demanding that the WWE Hall of Famer give her the match she earned last week by defeating Zoey Stark. Stratus tried to decline the match at first, citing her facial injury and the protective mask she has been forced to wear for weeks. But Adam Pearce suddenly arrived on the scene to declare the match had been made official, forcing Stratus to get in the ring and for the referee to ring the bell.

Unfortunately, Stark then hit the ring mere seconds later and attacked Lynch, forcing a disqualification. This technically gives Stratus and Lynch each one win apiece, though the ensuing brawl after the match made it clear that nothing has been settled. Pearce confronted Stratus and Stark after the commercial break and announced Stratus and Lynch will wrestle in two weeks on an episode of Raw in Winnipeg, Canada and that Stark is barred from ringside.

WWE SummerSlam 2023 Card

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  • World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor
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Seth Rollins Willing to Work Onscreen With Becky Lynch Again

Seth Rollins revealed in a new interview with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri this week that he's open to working alongside his wife, Becky Lynch, on WWE TV again. WWE attempted to push the pair as an onscreen power couple in 2019 but it was poorly received by the fans and wrestlers alike.

"For her, her character was in a different place," Rollins said. "She was in a different stratosphere and it was hard for her to manage what her character was on screen as The Man, as this female, badass, Stone Cold Steve Austin type character and then on the flip side of that having a husband and a love interest and all that. That kind of was hard for her to put together on screen. For me, I'm always like, let's go with the flow. I'm not quite as protective as she is in that regard, probably to my own detriment in some cases, but yeah, I mean, it's one of those things where when you take your relationship and you turn it into a story, it becomes difficult because it's hard for our audience occasionally to separate fiction from reality and at the same time, our business is built on blending fiction and reality. So that kind of diametric force that is sort of pulling and pushing all the time can create a bit of a struggle.

"We weren't ready for it. It didn't flush out. Our characters weren't in the right place," he added. "Our heads weren't in the right place. You know, if we did it now or in the future, it might be different, but I'm also fortunate that it's not a thing that we need to go to. We're both just very strong individual characters and can carry stories individually on our own which is lovely. So if we go there again, I'd love to give it a second shot. I think there's a lot to it, but if we don't, we tried it, it didn't work, and we're still very happily married."