Marvel's X-Men Preview Teases Kitty Pryde's Return as Shadowkat

Kitty Pryde Becomes "Shadowkat" to Battle ORCHIS in this Preview for Marvel's X-Men #25

Marvel has released a new X-Men preview that teases the return of Kitty Pryde in her new "Shadowkat" persona, which will debut in X-Men #25. (SPOILERS) After the latest Mutant Massacre carried out by the ORCHIS organization during the 2023 Hellfire Gala, the mutant nation of Krakoa has been nearly wiped out, and the surviving members of the X-Men are scattered

Last we saw Kate Pryde, she had escaped with Emma Frost and a few other key figures from Krakoa. However, Kitty's longtime problem of not being able to use Krakoan warp gates suddenly took a reversal, when a gate she was leaning against suddenly activated and she ended up falling into a whole squad of ORCHIS agents that are occupying the Krakoan embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. 

From the preview pages of X-Men #25 that Marvel has released, it's looking like part of the immediate fallout of the ORCHIS Mutant Massacre will see Kitty having to get herself out of a sticky situation trapped behind enemy lines. That kind of trial will require Kitty to leave the pirate persona behind and get back to her ninja ways! 

As the preview pages remind us, the classic Kitty Pryde and Wolverine limited series saw Kitty train with Wolverine's ninja mentor Ogun – a side of herself that is still very much intact. With Kitty being one of the most powerful and dangerous mutants still at large, she'll need her fiercest persona to handle ORCHIS. 

X-Men fans can't help but notice that this "Shadowkat" persona looks very much in line with her "Age of Apocalypse" timeline persona. As a leader of the "Generation Next" team of young mutant heroes, Kitty had her own Wolverine claws and a much more ruthless ninja persona. It was one of the most badass versions of "Shadowcat" that we've seen – but this looks like it could be another one. 

Check out the official details of X-Men #25 below: 

X-Men #25

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Now, as a new X-Men team finds their way through their darkest hour…SHADOWKAT emerges!

THE FALL. She's been known as Kitty, Sprite, Ariel, Red Queen and Captain Kate. Now, as a new X-Men team finds their way through their darkest hour…SHADOWKAT emerges!

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Stefano Caselli, Marte Gracia
Cover by: Joshua Cassara, Alex Sinclair
Page Count: 52 Pages
Release Date: August 2, 2023

(Photo: Marvel Comics)