Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cal Kestis Lightsaber Replica Launches With Color-Changing Blade

Cal Kestis Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Color-Changing Legacy Lightsaber Set is available to order now for $249.99.

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During Star Wars Day this past May 4th, Disney launched a 7,500-piece limited edition Cal Kestis lightsaber hilt inspired by EA / Respawn Entertainment's 2019 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game and the new sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and it sold out in the blink of an eye. Now fans have the chance to pick up this new Cal Kestis lightsaber set that features sound effects and the ability to change the color of the blade between blue, green, purple, yellow, white or red. If you're like most players, white will be your color of choice

The Cal Kestis Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Color-Changing Legacy Lightsaber Set is a shopDisney exclusive that you can order here for $249.99 while it lasts. A full breakdown of the features and how they're activated can be found below. 

  • Set includes Cal Kestis (Jedi Survivor) Legacy Lightsaber Hilt, Lightsaber Blade, Display Stand, and Lightsaber Belt Clip
  • Hilt includes color-changing feature
  • When holding down the hidden button on backside of saber hilt for five seconds, the Lightsaber blades will change in sequence to the following colors: blue, red, green, purple, yellow, white (for a total of six different color options)
  • Unique Lightsaber Start Up WAV file plays when slide switch is turned from OFF to ON position
  • Constant Lightsaber HUM sound plays when the Lightsaber is on the ON position
  • Unique impact sound effects activated when Lightsaber comes into contact with another item
  • Unique motion sound effects activated when moving around the Lightsaber in the air without impacting another item
  • Battery case in handle
  • Includes case with hinged lid with magnetic closure
  • Case features graphic detailing, Jedi crest and protective foam interior
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"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a strong sequel that improves on nearly every core element seen in Fallen Order," reads a snippet of our review of the game. "Even in spite of some pacing troubles with its story, Cal Kestis is an even more compelling protagonist this time around and continues to be one of the best new Star Wars characters that has come about in the Disney era. With a little more polish and some trimmed fat, Jedi: Survivor could have been a home run, but Respawn still has a bit more room for growth in a third installment for this potential trilogy." Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available worldwide, at a price point of $69.99, via PC, PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. You can keep up with the latest news about the game right here