Best Adult Swim Shows to Watch Right Now

Adult Swim has some great shows released this year, so here are the best you should watch right now!

Adult Swim has been firing off on all cylinders this year with some new animated series that have made their debut over the course of the year, so here are some of the best shows to watch right now. Warner Bros. Animation has gone through a number of changes over the course of the last few years as Warner Bros. Discovery has announced a greater attention to animated projects, and this has resulted in plenty of fun new releases on Adult Swim. Although Adult Swim has plenty of classics to check out, the new blood has been just as fun to see. 

With some of Adult Swim's funniest and most interesting new series hitting this year, it's time to catch back up and see some of the new releases you might have missed out on this year. 2023 is far from over, and Adult Swim still has plenty of new releases planned for the rest of the year, but here are a few of Adult Swim's best new shows you should check out right now.

Adult Swim's 2023 Shows You Should Binge Right Now

(Photo: Adult Swim)

YOLO: Silver Destiny

  • Info: "Sara and Rachel are set off to pursuit their destinies, as a gardener and a dark Empress."
  • Review: Adult Swim kicked off 2023 with a bang with the second season of Michael Cusack's wild animated series, YOLO, which took on more of a serialized narrative as Sarah and Rachel started to drift apart and chase their own respective paths. And they both go to some wild places as a result. 
  • Where to Watch: You can now check out all episodes of YOLO now streaming on Adult Swim's official website
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Royal Crackers

  • Info: "Two brothers struggle to run the family business when their father falls into a coma." 
  • Review: Royal Crackers is Adult Swim's wild take on Succession as a family begins to try and take their company in a new direction when their patriarch goes into a coma. Each new episode starts to reveal more of the past of the company and things are definitely moving heading into Season 2. 
  • Where to Watch: You can now find Royal Crackers' first season now streaming on Max.
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Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

  • Info: "A young girl, unwittingly infused with magical ability, discovers that she is part of a group of eternal heroes destined to fight a supernatural evil throughout time."
  • Review: Genndy Tartakovsky returned for a new action animated series this year, and it happens to be the best one from the director yet with a huge and compelling new world, fun characters, and an art style that blends together years worth of effort all into one package. 
  • Where to Watch: You can now check out all episodes of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal now streaming on Max.
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My Adventures with Superman

  • Info: "Clark Kent builds his secret Superman identity and embraces his role as the hero of Metropolis, while sharing adventures and falling in love with Lois, a journalist, who also takes Jimmy Olsen under her wing."
  • Review: My Adventures with Superman has introduced fans to an anime inspired spin on DC Comics' most iconic superhero, and fans have been loving the fresh energy that's been given to Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as a result. New versions of DC Comics favorites have been seen with each episode, and it's sparked a whole new wave of fans as a result of this new avenue for these stories.
  • Where to Watch: You can now find My Adventures with Superman streaming on Max
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Teenage Euthanasia

  • Info: Set in a mildly apocalyptic near-future, Teenage Euthanasia centers around the Fantasy family and their inland Florida funeral home, Tender Endings. The cast of characters includes recently reanimated Trophy Fantasy, her teenage daughter, Euthanasia "Annie" Fantasy, Annie's Uncle Pete and Annie's "old country" immigrant grandmother, Baba. As a teen mom, Trophy ran away from home, leaving her infant daughter to be raised by her Baba and Uncle Pete. Fifteen years later, Trophy finally returns to Tender Endings... as a corpse. But when a bolt of lightning strikes Baba's homemade embalming fluid and one of Annie's tears magically brings Trophy back from the dead, Trophy finds herself a resurrected woman with a second chance at unplanned parenthood and a variety of powers."
  • Review: After introducing a dystopian future Florida in the first season, Teenage Euthanasia's shown fans a wild take on a mother and daughter dynamic as a faulted mother gets a second chance to be closer to her teenage daughter after taking her life and being brought back to life. 
  • Where to Watch: You can now find Teenage Euthanasia's first season and new Season 2 episodes streaming on Max.

What are some of your favorite Adult Swim shows from this year? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!