Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Announces Lies of P, Nioh Crossovers

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's roadmap reveals Lies of P and Nioh collabs.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched to solid reviews and sales numbers earlier this year, giving Team Ninja another hit in the action role-playing genre. Of course, just like any game, it had its issues at launch, but Team Ninja dropped patches to fix most of that and it is now putting the focus on post-launch content, dropping its latest roadmap earlier today. It includes all kinds of content coming to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, covering the next five months of releases, which will include two new paid DLC drops. That said, the most notable additions will likely be the upcoming free partnerships with Lies of P and Nioh.

Before players get to either crossover, they'll have a new free update in August that's adding Boss Rush Part 2, giving players a new group of bosses to blaze through. September will see the next batch of paid DLC, which includes a selection of new end-game content, and also brings the Lies of P collab as a free update. Team Ninja isn't yet saying what exactly will be included in this crossover, but it's timed to come out around Lies of P's own release date, so it should be a fun addition for fans of either game.

October seems to be a bit of a light month, as players will only get new "balance adjustments" for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but then the Nioh crossover hits in November. Again, Team Ninja isn't giving away much at this point, simply saying that these new crossovers "will be different than what [they] have released for the Naraka: Bladepoint collaboration." The year ends with the third pair DLC, which is being called Upheaval in Jingxiang. Just like the second DLC, it'll add new weapons, missions, a difficulty level, and much more as an end-game addition to Wo Long.

Of course, this roadmap for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty could change over the coming weeks and months. While the paid DLC and collabs are likely pretty set in stone, things may move around depending on Team Ninja's development progress. Either way, fans of the action RPG will soon have five more months full of new content to dive into.